Some say we need ‘borders instead of human rights’. That refugees do not deserve rights. Others
think that human rights are ‘not enough’, or that they only serve the neoliberal elite now. What is
for sure is that human rights are under pressure from international governments, even on the
conceptual level. So you want to be a good human rights lawyer, academic or advocate? You
better be prepared. Human rights do not exist in a political vacuum. In this Summer School, we
work to comprehend the space for human rights in the political system, the international climate
on human rights, and fundamental human rights criticism in order to enhance our dealings with
human rights issues, and to build stronger counter narratives to human rights violations and

The course challenges participants to their use of the human rights-based approach. Participants
will gain an understanding of the interplay of human rights with politics and other norms and
thinking. They will gain knowledge about the background, the practical application, and the
criticism of human rights law, which are necessary to tackle legal problems better. And they will
gain practical skills and insights which will help them to enhance their discussion, writing and
advocating of human rights and relevant human rights topics.