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Call for Action: 

When it comes to making political change within the Netherlands, the voices of Syrians are often unheard. When the position of Syrians is up for political discussion, it is in fact Syrians who do not have a seat at the table. Within the Syrian communities in the Netherlands, some groups feel especially marginalized because of their political stance on Syria.

This programme of excellence focuses on the unmet potential of Syrians within the Netherlands. We believe in the power of individual people to make a change. The aim of the programme is to improve inclusion through stronger political participation by Syrian communities in the Netherlands. 15 programme participants will gather and become a cohort of individuals of skilled, experienced and recognized leaders who represent Syria in all its diversities: benefitting the individual leaders themselves, the Syrian communities, and the Netherlands at large.

The programme highlights civil rights, lobby, and leadership, including action and commitment. It is implemented by Dutch civil rights organization Kompass, in collaboration with development organization Hivos and Utrecht University.

Our future leaders are: 

  • Syrians or have lived in Syria;
  • between 18 and 35 years of age;
  • in good command of English; preferably also some Dutch;
  • able and committed to discuss civil rights issues with the Syrian communities, and devoted to share their skills and contacts;
  • dedicated to civil rights and making a political change within the Netherlands;
  • available at least on 8 December 2017, 12 January 2018, 2 February, 23 February, 16 March, 6 April, 20 April, 7 May and 1 June;
  • able to travel easily, early mornings, to Utrecht and The Hague;

For the 15 participants, all programme and travel costs are covered. In return, we ask you to invest in your future leadership, and to devote at least 10 hours to community outreach, and at least 25 hours to implement your personal action plan. Please note that in order to attract the best people for the project; diversity and inclusion are of major concern in our selection of the participants. This includes among others gender and ethnic diversity. Rest assured that your current residential status is not an eligibility criterion for this project.

What we offer: 

This project is tailor-made for Syrians within the Netherlands. It is based on the individual civil rights, leadership and lobby needs of all 15 participants. We offer small-scale and applied tutorials by some of the best professors in the Netherlands, as well as individual guidance by professionals from the world of media, politics and commercial lobbying. At the end of the programme, participants will have the skills, and the connections to make a political change. Moreover, the leaders will have a certificate by the organizing parties to prove their participation and excellence.    

We need you!

Apply here until November 6